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It’s A Painting… It’s A Game… It’s The Spirit of Detroit Vs The Blight!

Ding-ding-ding! The Detroit Vs Painting painting is done done done (see the Kickstarter for background on this experimental crowdfunded painting-turned-video game project). 

Here’s Ryan Ford’s epic painting, and go here to see a larger version:

Backers were invited to suggest characters and settings in a [Something] Vs [Something] format ala Mortal Kombat etc, and Ryan went hard to the hoop with a 6’ x 4’+ oil painting depicting ”The Spirit of Detroit Vs The Blight”. He also added a small army of characters to aid the Spirit that includes Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, the 2 women on the Detroit flag, Rosa Parks, Bruce Campbell with chainsaw arm and shotgun, the “Eat ‘em up Tigers” guy, a coney dog chef, LOVELAND’s mascot inchy, Ryan’s grandfather who worked for GM, RoboCop, and other surprises. 

It’s an interesting cast, a beautiful work, and the game battle should come to life in some pretty dang imaginative ways. Not a part of this project, but I’ve recently fallen in love with these Epic Rap Battles of History, which have a lot of fun with super imaginative fantasy battles, and the game should have some crazy energy like this:  

Brad Henderson is the one busy turning the painting into a playable video game using a clever system he’s building at his new Leave Luck To Heaven game studio (“Leave luck to heaven” is the English translation of Nintendo). He’s recording some of his progress and thought progress as he designs and programs it (yes, that is Sonic The Hedgehog running around the painting’s background as Brad programs the interactivity :-))

The painting will be in Detroit soon where we plan to show it around in different places before finding a settled home for it. If you’re interested in having it hung somewhere, let us know. Thanks again to all the backers! /high fives

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3 years ago

August 30, 2011
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