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WDET Call To Action: 1,000 Volunteer Hours Isn’t Cool…

About a month ago LOVELAND received the bat signal that our services were needed to create an interactive map displaying Detroit charities, nonprofits, and neighborhood associations. The caller: WDET, Detroit public radio. The purpose: to assist WDET’s Call To Action, a campaign to encourage 10,000 volunteer hours in Detroit in a month.

The project and site have just been officially kicked off at an event at Wayne State University with Detroit City Council President and WDET’s own Craig Fahle. This is a quick, illustrated walkthrough of what we made, which you can now fully access on action.wdet.org.

When you hit the page you’re greeted by a map of the city showing more than 200 organizations. This starter set comes from the United Way. Don’t worry if you see a missing organization, they’re easy to add, and we’ll get to that. 

When you click on a dot, the name of the organization located there pops up.

When you click through you land on that organization’s Call To Action mini page. Here you’ll see a link to the organization’s web site where they’ll tell you all about themselves. You’ll also find contact information, driving directions, their Facebook page if they have one, and […drum roll…] a Pledge to Help button.

If you click the Pledge to Help button a window will open where you can fill out your email address, name, place where you work (if you’d like), and the number of hours you pledge to volunteer.

You’ll receive an email from WDET with more information and your pledge will be counted at the top of the site, which shows the total number of volunteers and hours. This is all on the honor system, and it’s up to you to reach out to the organizations you want to help out. Don’t worry if you change your mind about where you want to go or if you decide to split your time between multiple places. We’re only tallying the overall hours, so you can be flexible in how you fill them. 

If you see an organization missing, at the bottom of the homepage is an area labeled Make This Better where you can simply type in the name of missing organizations and hit Send Message. You can also type in feedback or other fixes (like, say, maybe you noticed that Mt Elliott Maker Space in the example above is actually spelled with 2 t’s in Elliott ;-)). If you want to personalize your submission you can also email calltoaction@wdet.org.

Additionally you can sort organizations by categories…

…as well as locations, which we’ve broken down by zip code, or both.

This should all also work on smartphones and tablets, whether you have an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or whatever the kids are rocking these days.

So give it a go, discover some new organizations, add anything you know of that’s missing, pledge some hours, and let’s move the needle! I think this one’s important enough to give an explicit ask to please share it with your friends, networks, colleagues, etc if you dig it. The link again is action.wdet.org.

Huge thanks to WDET for an awesome idea and being so great to work with. Huge thanks to the Knight Foundation for supporting the work. Huge thanks to Charles Pugh and Craig Fahle for putting weight behind it. And internally huge thanks to LOVELANDERS Larry Sheradon for the killer programming, Joy Reed for the flawless design chops, Mary for cat wrangling and chop busting, and be warned: the overall experience may include trace amounts of Tunde Wey who was present and active during design conversations. Me, I just work here.

Thanks, everybody!

Let us know what you think! 

2 years ago

February 22, 2012
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